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I offer a comprehensive range of skills to enhance your brand and user experience:

Branding Design:
Establish a memorable brand identity.
Services: Logo design, brand strategy, visual identity, brand guidelines.

UX Design:
Enhance user interactions.
Services: User research, wireframing, prototyping, usability testing.

UI Design:
Create functional and aesthetic interfaces.
Services: High-fidelity UI, responsive design, graphic design.

Visual Design:
Craft engaging visual narratives.
Services: Brand integration, motion graphics, design systems.

I specialize in Branding & UX/UI, and Visual Design, focusing on strategic thinking and problem-solving. I help startups design enterprise products, addressing business challenges with thoughtful and innovative design solutions.

I’m a Branding and UX/UI Designer.

I re-invent your business appearance by creating top-class websites, mobile apps, and brand identities. With over 10 years of experience, I specialize in Web and Mobile Projects.

I'm a self-taught designer and have worked with multiple startups, from Seed round to Series A, and still growing. Currently, I'm a Sr. UX Designer at Ogilvy.

With unbridled enthusiasm for pure and clean design, I'm always up for a new challenge to discover the brighter or more beautiful side of design.

My goal is to create easy-to-use, intuitive, and aesthetically pleasing User Experiences (UX) and Customer Experiences (CX). I design digital products and features, mobile and web applications, data visualizations, workflows, wireframes, webpages, and marketing materials that delight users and customers alike.

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I'd love to help! I offer a range of services tailored specifically to meet your needs and elevate your brand:

Branding & Identity

I provide complete strategy, design, and execution for new brands, including positioning, brand architecture, and identity.

Customer Experience (CX) Design

I craft exceptional customer experiences to enhance satisfaction and loyalty, making sure every touchpoint leaves a positive impression.

User Experience (UX) Design

I create intuitive and enjoyable user experiences for digital products, ensuring that your users have a seamless and pleasant interaction.

Custom Design Service

I offer full-stack design and creative skills to support your team's short and long-term needs, ensuring your projects stay on track and look great.

What's your design process?



My design process is thorough and collaborative

1. Discovery

I start by understanding your brand, goals, and audience.

2. Research

Then, I conduct user research to gather insights.

3. Design

I create wireframes, prototypes, and visual designs.

4. Testing

I validate designs through usability testing.

5. Implementation

I collaborate with developers to bring designs to life.

6. Iteration

Finally, I continuously improve based on feedback and analytics.

Can I see some of your Case Studies ?



Absolutely! Here are some of my featured Case Studies :


Simsy Product UX I had the pleasure of working on Simsy, where I focused on Product UX and Website Design. My role involved creating user-centric interfaces that enhance the overall user experience, as well as designing a visually appealing and functional website to represent the brand effectively.



I worked on the comprehensive Branding Identity, Product UX, and Website UX for Onoark. My responsibilities included:

Branding Identity: Developed a cohesive visual identity, including logo design, color palette, typography, and brand guidelines to create a strong and memorable brand presence.

Product UX: Designed user-centric interfaces for Onoark’s products, focusing on enhancing user interactions and ensuring a seamless experience.

Website UX: Created intuitive and engaging user experience


Deepforge AI

I was responsible for the Website UX design for Deepforge AI. My role involved creating intuitive and user-friendly interfaces to enhance the overall user experience on the website, ensuring that it effectively communicates the brand's advanced AI capabilities and solutions.


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60+ Projects

Successfully completed

40+ Clients

Satisfied and happy

12+ Industries

Diverse experience across multiple sectors

What do your clients say about you?



Siddartha Rayapudi

Sreedhar is one of the most original creative thinkers I have worked with. What I find extremely alluring about his work is his ability to visualize the abstract essence of an idea and bring it into life with interpretable design. He is very professional, always delivers executable value to ideas. I would highly recommend him for all things design anytime. Keep shining Sreedhar! I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

Swathi G

I am worked with Sreedhar at Nuacem AI. My experience of being his colleague was collaborative team work. He is a talented designer with an expanding portfolio of great work. His thoughts are creative. He always do an incredible job in a short time. He is innovative and much responsive to work with.
I would strongly recommend him for any company.

David Pokuri

Sreedhar is one of the best UI/UX desingers that I have seen so far. He is an innovtive and passionated smart thinking designer. I observed one thing in his designs that his designs reflect the motive of the work and provides greater user experience along with lucarative UI components. I would recommend him for projects where more innovation and smart thinking would require.